Top 5 Programming Languages You Need To Learn In 2018

Top 5 Programming Languages You Need To Learn In 2018

Buckle up because today we’ll talk about the top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2018.

Now more than ever, it’s really important for you to stay up to date with the most popular programming languages in the market. About a decade ago, it used to be the case that all you needed for a good programming job was a CS degree and some knowledge of JAVA and C++. But that’s not true anymore! It doesn’t matter anymore whether or not you have a degree. Companies look at whether you have the right skills to make web and software products. And if you keep up with the popular languages, you increase your value as a programmer! That’s because those languages are the most in demand. It’s just basic supply and demand, pal… you get it 🙂

So here are the top 5 languages that you should learn in 2018. You don’t have to be an expert in all of them. Rather, I recommend that you pick one depending on your interest and get really good at it.

#5 – PHP

I know, I know.. you have probably heard that PHP sucks and that no one uses it anymore. And if you know PHP yourself, you may think it’s just a mess of a language. And a lot of this is true. I’m not a fan of PHP either. But PHP is still going to be really important in 2018 and here’s why —

Let’s say your client wants you to build a not-so-simple website. And they want to be able to customize that website themselves without your help. It sounds simple, right? But here’s the kicker. They usually have a really low budget! They want that built for just a few thousand dollars.

With this low of a budget, you can’t spend time building it from scratch with React or Angular! But you can build it with WordPress in just a few days. If you’re using WordPress, you don’t have to start out from scratch as there are pre-built themes you can use. And there are plugins for almost everything, from adding a comments section to integrating with Facebook.

Almost 30% of websites on the internet use WordPress. Heck, I built this website with WordPress too. And it just took me a few days to do it.

So what does that have to do with PHP? Well, WordPress uses PHP. So if you want to build a good WordPress website, you need to learn it. Now, you don’t have to be a PHP expert to build WordPress sites, but you still need to know it well. So I recommend that you start building a WordPress site (start with your own blog) and learn PHP as you’re building it. Again, don’t spend too much time on it… just learn it enough to make good WordPress websites. And spend rest of the time mastering the other languages coming up!

#4 – GO

If you’re not familiar with GO, it’s a language developed by Google, and it’s got some really well-known contributors like Robert Griesemer who had worked on the Javascript V8 engine and Java’s JVM.

It’s gaining popularity in cloud computing because it’s got very lighweight threads that allow for concurrency patterns to not only make use of all cores but simplify problems like parsing that are difficult to do in a linear manner.

It’s also a grabage collected language which means you don’t need to free up memory yourself. So you don’t have to do any memory management yourself. If you’re a C or C++ programmer, you know how tiresome it can get to manually allocate and free-up memory.. so you don’t have to do any of that with GO.

There are lots more things to like about GO. Here’s Keval Patel talking about it in more detail.

#3 – Java

Java has consistently been one of the top programming languages in the past decade. Most of the big companies use Java for their backend. You can use it to develop web apps too. And if you want to build Android applications, you have to know Java. I personally am not a big fan of Java.. mostly because you have to write a lot of code to make something work. Especially when you compare it with python or javascript. But that also means that once you know Java, learning other languages will be a breeze 😉

#2 – Python

Python was kind of on a decline around 2013 but it has jumped back up in popularity because of its applications in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I personally love python because is very easy to read and learn, and you can use it for your backend as well as make web apps using the Django framework.
One thing to keep in mind is that there are two main versions of python — python 2 and python 3. And there are some pretty big differences between them. But if you are starting to learn python today, you should definitely go with python 3. There are some libraries in python 2 that aren’t directly available in python 3, but there are workarounds available so that you can still use them in python 3.

You really can’t go wrong learning python. I think it’s the language of the future and it’ll keep gaining traction.

#1 – Javascript

There is no surprise here! See, just look at your face, you don’t look surprised at all 😉
Javascript is my go-to language, and I have been programming with Node.js for quite some time now. But if you’re even a little unsure about javascript taking the first place here, just check out this Github’s popularity chart. Javascript had more than double the pull requests opened than the second contender (python)! That just tells you how much it’s being used.

Top programming languages of 2018 - From Github


But there’s also another reason why Javascript is so popular – It caters to everyone’s needs. For example, by default, javascript is not typed. But if you want to use a typed language, you can use Typescript which is still javascript under the hood.

So, if you are starting out from scratch and thinking which programming language you should learn first, go with javascript, without a doubt.

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So, here’s a question for you — what’s your favorite language and why? Put your answer in the comments below.


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