The Secret To Being Extremely Energetic All Day

The Secret To Being Extremely Energetic All Day

Your mom used to tell you every morning, “Make your bed.” But you never understood why. It was easy to do, and she could even do it herself while she took care of the other mess you left behind. So why did she make you do it? To cultivate in you a powerful habit.

One habit that will improve your life: Start your day with an accomplishment. Call it your “morning routine.”

Making your bed was a trivial example. You can workout, write a journal, or do anything else that interests you. Your brain releases dopamine and testosterone every time you accomplish something, no matter how small the win. These two hormones make you happy, alert and ready to kick ass. So accomplish something early in the morning and you will start your day with the mindset of a champion.

My morning routine is very simple. I start with crossing off one little thing from my to-do list. Sometimes it’s just sending an email or pushing one step further on a personal project. Then I go for a run or a workout and later have a hearty breakfast with three eggs, 2 slices of sourdough bread and a cup of chai. Now I’m all ready to start the day!

These morning doses of dopamine and testosterone are my gifts to you. So start a morning routine and kick a little more ass everyday.

So, what’s your morning routine?


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