Software Engineering Interview Preparation Program

Software Engineering Interview Preparation Program

In 2015, I entered the tech industry and landed 3 offers at top companies within just 29 days. And the company I joined went IPO two years later while I was there.

Seeing my success, I’ve had many people ask how they can get offers from top companies as well.

These were qualified engineers who had either prior work experience or a project portfolio.

But they routinely failed their interviews. Some were even ready to quit software engineering altogether, thinking they were just bad engineers.

But they didn’t fail because they were poor engineers. Nope. It was because they routinely underestimated the preparation required for engineering interviews.

I started my journey of helping such software engineers with my youtube channel where I focused on whiteboard coding interviews, as well as my blog where I focused on the non-technical aspects.

I was continuously encouraged by the positive feedback, so I went one step forward and designed a comprehensive program to help engineers prepare for tough interviews.

Today, I’m really excited to introduce Interview Accelerator – a 5-week software engineering interview preparation bootcamp.

You can learn more about this program and apply here:

I look forward to speaking with you. Because nothing gives me more joy than helping fellow software engineers grow.


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