How To Stay On Top Of Startup News Without Spending Hours A Week

How To Stay On Top Of Startup News Without Spending Hours A Week

The startup landscape changes fast. But you need to stay on top of it. Especially if you currently work at a startup or aspire to work at one.

When do most business and job opportunities develop? They develop when companies raise the next round of funding, get acquired or go IPO! So you want to be on the lookout for which companies are going through those phases. You might even find one that’ll make you rich 😉

Staying on top of startup news will also give you things to talk about with your team. And they’ll think you’re a whiz for keeping up with so many stories!

But you don’t want to scour your twitter feed or browse hundreds of stories on VentureBeat. Because most of the new on those platforms is junk! Complete sewer-grade junk. There, I said it.

Instead, you want the stories to come to you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant that would summarize all the top, important stories of the day or week and send them to you?

Well, there is! And you can have it for free!

Here are my three favorite ways to stay up to date on startup news

1. Launch Ticker

Launch Ticker NewsletterWhether it’s new product launches, acquisitions or close-outs. You can stay on top of it by following the Launch ticker on a daily basis.

The best part? Each story is bite-sized, with 50 words or less. So you’re not just getting the 1% of most important stories in a day, but you’re also getting them ridiculously summarized. Talk about delivering value! Jason Calacanis has a team of researchers and their only job is to find and summarize the top news in the market.

Here’s how it started. Calacanis is a successful Angel Investor, with companies like Uber and Thumbtack in his portfolio. And he’s constantly looking for new deals and trying to stay up-to-date on his own companies. With over 150 startups in his portfolio and many more on his radar, it got impossible for him to stay up to date on the industry.

So he hired a team of researchers with the sole purpose of finding and summarizing the top news in the market. He kept the news to himself for some time, but then he decided to make it available to everyone. For free! Now, this is how you multiply value!

After making it public, the Launch Ticker quickly gained thousands of subscribers (no surprises there), so Jason was also able to get sponsors and make it pay for itself. Win-win for all.

2. Axios Pro-Rata

Axios Pro-Rata Newsletter

An industry can’t exist in a silo. And the tech industry is no exception. It’s affected by political forces every day, especially the highly regulated sectors like Fin-tech and Healthcare. This makes it important to not just follow the startup industry news, but look at the broader picture and stay informed on the entire eco-system.

Axios’ Pro-Rata newsletter helps you stay on top of the entire startup ecosystem. Here’s what Pro-Rata tells you:

  1. Funding information on important companies
  2. Venture Capital deals
  3. Private Equity deals
  4. Mergers & Acquisitions deals
  5. Political landscape affecting all of the above

It’s a rich source of information. Just this morning I learned that AppDynamics was starting its IPO roadshow today. That’s exciting news! The best part is that it was curated and sent to me. I didn’t have to go through 20 useless stories on a news website to get to it. Talk about value!

Axios was founded by veteran journalists with a mission to fix the broken media. The news site provides just the useful information without the fluff.

3. Crunchbase Daily

Crunchbase Daily Newsletter

Crunchbase is the central hub for startup information. I rely on it to give me information on startups that can make me rich! The same company also has a weekly newsletter where it curates the top news of the week and sends it to you.

Wrapping up

No matter what profession you are — VC, Engineer or Sales — it’s extremely important for you to stay up to date on the startup ecosystem. How else will you hear about that next million dollar opportunity? 😉

Launch Ticker, Axios Pro-Rata, and Crunchbase Daily are my top ways to stay informed about the startup landscape. How do you stay up to date on startup news? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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