How To Add 30% More To Your Day

How To Add 30% More To Your Day

‘How was your weekend?’

This might be the most popular question you ask on Mondays. You hope to get exciting answers and hear a fun story or two. But how often do you hear people follow up with ‘weekends are always short’ and ‘it flew by’? It’s sad, almost depressing, and you’re often compelled to share how yours went flying by as well.

Not any more! Now you can forward them this article instead. Because I’m going to tell you how to add 30% more time to your days.

Wake. Up. Early. Even on weekends. No, especially on weekends. The ‘sleeping in’ train is a scam and is robbing you of your precious life. If you’re like most people, the only lengthy personal time you get is the weekend. (But it doesn’t have to be). You’re running your company on the weekend. You own this company and you are the boss. This is the company you should care about the most. So don’t show up late. It will never profit that way!

For the average person, morning hours are the most productive. And you may have six to seven truly productive hours in the day. So if you wake up 2 hours earlier than usual, that’s 30% more productive time to your day.

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